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Jordana, Jeff, Deacon & Lydia

Welcome to our little urban farm where everyone, big and small, makes a valuable contribution!  Our little corner of the world is located semi-rurally but within the city limits of Kamloops.  Agriculture and gardens have always been a focal piece in my life and, luckily for me, Jeff became interested too!  We started our first tiny garden outside our condo while attending school in Vancouver, which allowed us to get our hands in the dirt, albeit in the midst of a big city.  With our interest piqued, in the summer of 2012 we rented a home that had a large market garden plot and grew a great garden.  That experience considerably increased our interest in market gardening.  After that summer we both read the “Market Gardener” and were hooked.  In 2013, we purchased our home, started our family and began our garden adventure.  And, as our family has expanded, so have our gardens, plans and dreams.

During my growing up years, for a number of summers, on a Friday in mid August, we would wake up early and Mom would help me and my brother create buckets of beautiful, bright bouquets filled with sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos and many other gems.  Then in then afternoon we would set up a roadside stand and sell them for $2-$5.  We sold out every year.  An argument could be made that those sales were the grass roots of Little Blue Barn.

I must confess that growing up, I was very drawn to the animal husbandry side of agriculture and almost became a large animal veterinarian.  However, I always loved helping in the vegetable gardens alongside my Mom and Nana and was very involved in harvesting and processing the harvest, which often also included drying some flowers for winter projects.  For every occasion growing up, the table was always adorned with fresh flowers or greenery from the yard and as I got older, I often helped to put those arrangements together.  Decorating with natural elements has always been my style.

I have always needed creative outlets and for me, flowers allow me to marry my love of growing things while also being creative when I work with them.  I always knew I wanted a cutting garden that I could run out to and get fresh flowers for the house or to take to an event, I just am not sure I ever dreamed my cutting garden would get so big!

I have many dreams still with the cut flowers and want to get into Dahlia hybridization and do more of my own seed saving.  I am always trying to test the limits of season extension and find ways of being more efficient at growing and processing the beautiful blooms.  I am not the most patient person, so sometimes I struggle to take it a day and season at a time, but there is nothing like rows of flowers at sunrise or sunset to make one stop, breathe and just smell the flowers and I hope that my flowers can help those around me to stop just for a second and breathe and remember the beauty in this crazy, wonderful world!

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