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“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank

We are a family run urban farm in Kamloops growing specialty cut flowers for all your special occasions and ‘just because’ life moments.  We focus on growing a unique selection of flowers from January through to October using sustainable agricultural practices.  We offer seasonal bouquet subscriptions, grab n’ go bouquets and arrangements as well as a la carte services for weddings and events.  All of our designs use only the flowers we grow so you can be assured of a unique and seasonal bouquet every time!

Along with our fresh flowers, we offer fall and winter wreaths and wreath making workshops with our dried florals and foraged greenery.

In 2022 we started to provide some workshops and are hoping to expand on this in 2023 to give you more opportunity to experience and play with our flowers


For a number of summers when I was a child, on a Friday in mid August, we would wake up early and Mom would help me and my brother create buckets of beautiful, bright bouquets filled with sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos and many other gems.  Then in then afternoon we would set up a roadside stand and sell them for $2-$5.  We sold out every year.  An argument could be made that those sales were the grass roots of Little Blue Barn.

I must confess that growing up, I was very drawn to the animal husbandry side of agriculture and almost became a large animal veterinarian.  However, I always loved helping in the vegetable gardens alongside my Mom and Nana and was very involved in harvesting and processing the harvest, which often also included drying some flowers for winter projects.  For every occasion growing up, the table was always adorned with fresh flowers or greenery from the yard and as I got older, I often helped to put those arrangements together.  Decorating with natural elements has always been my style.

I have always needed creative outlets and for me, flowers allow me to marry my love of growing things while also being creative when I work with them.  I always knew I wanted a cutting garden that I could run out to and get fresh flowers for the house or to take to an event, I just am not sure I ever dreamed my cutting garden would get so big!

Sharing my flowers with the Kamloops community brings me a lot of joy and I am lucky that so many of you have found our little corner of the world.  I may be the founder but the reality is I have an amazing supportive family who helps with everything behind the scenes – from the infrastructure to the growing to the design work Little Blue Barn would not be what it is without them.

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