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In a Pickle

When I decided to grow a short row of pickling cucumbers to try selling a couple of years ago, I had no idea what I was in for!  People go nuts for pickling cukes and really who doesn’t love pickles?  The great thing about pickling is you can work to find the perfect recipe

In a Pickle2019-03-22T22:05:40-07:00

Tomatoes: Seed to Transplant

Maybe it’s the Italian blood coursing through my veins or maybe it’s the challenge, but growing great tomatoes is a priority for me every year.  For me, great tomatoes start with growing strong seedlings that will transplant well.  My seed starting post goes over my top basic tips for starting all seeds but different

Tomatoes: Seed to Transplant2019-03-10T21:55:24-07:00

Marvelous Melons!

Growing up, I spent much of my summer holidays on my grandparents cattle ranch in the Kettle Valley.  We would travel to Osoyoos to shop and on the way home we would stop at fruit stands to pick up fruit for eating and canning.  We often bought melons picked that day from the field;

Marvelous Melons!2019-03-04T21:28:41-08:00

The Elusive Carrot!

When you think “garden fresh” is there a more quintessential vegetable that comes to mind than the carrot?  Carrots are probably one of the most popular vegetables grown in the home garden and they are our best seller at the Farmer’s Market. My children have been known to crunch on fresh carrots pulled from

The Elusive Carrot!2019-02-07T22:23:36-08:00

Choosing Seeds

If you are a gardener, a perfect winter evening might involve you sitting by the fire pouring over seed catalogues and dreaming about the season ahead. My kids love looking at seed catalogues with me and if it were up to them we would probably grow EVERYTHING in our gardens! While ordering seeds is exciting,

Choosing Seeds2019-02-05T21:47:30-08:00

My Tips for Great Seedlings

I know garden season has started when doing stairs seriously becomes part of my workout routine and Jeff is teasing me for treating plants like babies!  The dream is to one day have a proper greenhouse with an automated watering system and precise temperature control, but that day is not today and I have

My Tips for Great Seedlings2019-02-05T21:50:29-08:00