Project Description


Jeff has talked about wanting honey bees for as long as I can remember!  Since our yard is full of blooms – be it veggies, fruit or ornamental for the entire growing season it seemed a natural fit.  The bees provide us with valuable pollination services and in return, we hopefully give them a great habitat.  Did you know bees will fly up to 3 kilometers from their hive to gather pollen? We  live on the edge of some grass and woodlands and if you hike the trails that run through there, there is a good chance you will see our bees out on the buttercups, clover and other wildflowers through the spring and summer.

Being responsible beekeepers and raising healthy bees is very important to us.  To maintain the health of our hives we do regular hive checks throughout the season.

Our honey is harvested at the end of the summer and is available at that time.

Our Produce

Vegetables • Flowers • Honey • Wreaths