Project Description


Watching my children run through the flowers as the sun is setting or build a flower “fort” when the plants are tall brings me pure joy and I hope that is exactly what my flowers bring to others as well.

My mom is an expert in the garden and inspired my love of flowers.  When my brother and I were young she used to make bouquets once or twice a summer and we would sell them on the roadside – we sold out every time and people in the area started looking for the signs on their way home on Friday afternoons.  We are very lucky to have my mom involved with our flower side of things, some of the flowers we use in our bouquets are grown at her home and she is big help in putting market bouquets together.

Our flowers are grown the same way our vegetables are – without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and using compost as our primary nutrient source.

One of the biggest benefits of local flowers is the freshness, so it is very important that we get our flowers to you when they are at their best so they last well.  To do this, we always aim to pick our flowers in the coolest hours of the day and we try to pick each variety at its prime.  We generally try to grow varieties that are known for long vase lives, however we do grow some fleeting beauties like dhalias that will only last a few days but they are worth those short moments.

Our Produce

Vegetables • Flowers • Honey • Wreaths