Project Description


There is nothing quite like a vegetable freshly picked from the garden.  Each of us have  childhood memories of garden favourites and now we have fun watching as our children graze their way through our gardens enjoying every bite (sometimes dirt and all!)

We want our vegetables to bring back those memories for you and help you make new ones with your own families.  The biggest compliments we receive are those from families who come back each week just for the carrots or the watermelon or the peppers because they loved the ones they got the week before or the customers who say they were inspired to cook a special meal because of the produce they purchased from us.

We take a lot of pride in producing produce that looks good and tastes better.  When you eat locally you are supporting our local economy and you are benefited by eating seasonal food and that means it is food at its best.  Because our produce is seasonal, we harvest it at its prime and we aim to make sure it gets our consumers as quickly as possible.

We do our best to choose vegetables that thrive in our growing conditions and work hard to provide a good selection over the entire season.  We like growing vegetables you will be familiar with but varieties that might not be readily available in grocery stores.

We now grow all our vegetables from seed, field produce is started in the early spring in our seed room and root vegetables are direct seeded into the field.  We do use unheated caterpillar tunnels in the spring to extend our growing season and which allows us to get vegetables to you as early in the season as possible.

We do sell pickling cucumbers in bulk.  These have been extremely popular every year.  We start taking orders in the spring and then begin filling them in July.  We also sell salsa boxes which have been quite popular as well, these are boxes that have all the vegetables and herbs you need to make 10-15 pints of salsa.  Similarly, to the cukes, we do take orders for these in the spring and fill these orders in August.  As the season moves on, there may be other opportunities to purchase bulk vegetables as they become available.

Our Produce

Vegetables • Flowers • Honey • Wreaths